Don't Buy The Sun

Get Involved

There are many great sources for information about our boycott of The Sun, and the subsequent campaigns concerning former editor Kelvin MacKenzie, and many people have written great articles which have been posted over the internet.

What there isn't is a comprehensive information source - if you don't know where to look getting the information can be challenging. In order to try and rectify this I have registered this domain and organised hosting for it.

The main aims of the site will be:

I have completed much of the basic background work for the site, such as overall design, page templates, and some of the textual content, and if needed am willing to complete the rest of it myself also.

However, I am very aware that the quality of the site will be much higher if others are willing to give a little of their time to contribute and help with it.

Therefore, I am asking to see if anyone is interested in getting involved in the following areas:

Graphic Designer:

Top of my list is someone to design a top quality logo for the site that fits in with the overall page design.

Main Article Writers:

If you have a way with words, then perhaps you could help write the main articles for the site? These need to be in depth, knowledgable, truthful, balanced and yet persuasive, covering areas such as what The Sun did ("The Truth" headline, subsequent apology etc), the history and effectiveness of the boycott, Kelvin MacKenzie etc

Researcher / Writer:

A key aspect of the site is broadening the range of information about The Sun to include Libel Cases it has lost, complaints made to and upheld by the Press Complaints Commission, and complaints made which they have subsequently taken action to rectify / avoid liability for. There is also an opportunity to include other views and criticism of the paper, such as from a feminist viewpoint. Much of the information is available online, so it needs pulling together into a series of articles.

Opinion Writers:

There are many great pieces posted online containing personal thoughts, accounts, poems etc, and I shall be contacting the authors of some requesting permission to include them on the site. However, if you have previously written something relevant (don't assume I know about it!) or wish to do so, then please get in touch - this section of the site is pretty much open ended, so the more the merrier.


If you have a good idea about anything else that could be included, or wish to offer your help in some other way not mentioned then get in touch too.

Contacting Me

Please get in touch before spending time doing something - your offer will be gratefully received, but I would hate for several people to (for example) design logos when only one can be used!

I am hoping to get the site up and running with at least a key level of functionality and information over the weekend, and once it is I have a few simple ideas about ways everyone can help so I will be publicising those at the time.

Thanks in advance for any offers of support / help recieved.